About Eran Rozenfeld

Eran Rozenfeld, Managing Director, Priority U.S.

Eran has been living and breathing ERP software for longer than he’d care to remember. A seasoned ERP specialist with a ton of hands-on experience, Eran’s a savvy ERP sales professional, with expertise in project management, process analysis and system implementation. He holds an MBA in Marketing from the UK’s Darby University and an undergrad degree in Economics from Bar Ilan University, Israel. Earlier in his career, Eran was Founder & CEO of Infobase Information Technology, a successful Priority ERP consultancy and implementation company. When time permits, Eran enjoys playing jazz guitar, sailing when he can and hiking. At home in Reston, VA, he’s an enthusiastic chef and baker, a budding karaoke star and he’ll never pass up a pillow fight with his two young boys.

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